About Improved IT

Large history, New name.

Our company was first founded in 1985. Headquartered in Rotterdam (NL) Issue Information Technology grew to a sizeable and well respected organization with more than 250 employees.

With many customers ranging from medium sized companies to the enterprise level, and covering Governmental institutions, Industrial- Health-, Finance- and Educational organizations, Issue Information Technology was a force to be reckoned with.

As time went by, and as technologies started to change at an even higer rate than before, Sr. Management decided to change course and adapt to a new strategy to better serve its customers and help them solve their IT complexity- and budgetary challenges. With that new strategy a new brand was introduced: Improved IT.

Still today, the founder of Issue Information Technology is part of Improved IT’s management team  and helps drive the organization into the new era of Cloud and SDDC.


Senior experts.

With a very senior team of IT experts, Improved IT focuses on best of breed & emerging technologies in the segments: Data Center, IT security and Network Infra.

A big passion for new, innovative concepts and emerging technologies.

We help our customers make the right technology decisions, allowing them to achieve their targets against the most economical TCO/ROI.

Technology sessions, High- and low level designs, Global- on- and off site consultancy and support, -roll out, -implementation & -support contracts.

Go above and beyond customer expectations.

Legacy free, agile organization.


Strategic partnerships, Global services!

Improved IT has strategic partnerships with industry leading technology companies. Combined with a very agile, legacy free organization we are capable of offering: design-, roll out-, implementation-, consultancy- and support services to our customers on a global scale.  

Our strategic partners are qualified as ‘best in class’ by a number of established research firms in the IT sector: Gartner, IDC, Forrester & The 451 Group (to mention a few)

A very strong passion for innovation. Where others tend to think about traditional vendors & solutions only, we always draw a complete picture for our customers  and look beyond the obvious choices. We think of technology as a means, not as a goal in itself ! Emerging technologies need to be part of the options list.

Exceeding expectations!

Designing and implementing IT infrastructure solutions is our every day passion. Delivering more than our customers ask for and exceeding expectations is our personal challenge. Some of the elements that we think are needed to do this are:

  1. Return On Investment.  We aim to deliver the best possible ROI for our customers. This is always a combination of: 
    • Financial benefits: decrease and optimize Capex and Opex expenditure.
    • Operational efficiencies: being able to do more with less, decrease complexity.
  2. Subject matter expertise. Our high level of expertise is proven and acknowledged in the market. We constantly monitor and enhance skill levels within our technical teams. We refresh our certifications periodically and keep up to date with emerging technologies in order to maintain our competitive advantages.
  3. Best of breed. If you want to be sure to offer a solution that represents the best fit to your customers you simply cannot ignore emerging technologies. The (IT) world changes constantly and traditional choices are certainly not always the best one´s.
  4. ´The proof is in the eating !´ we always say. Therefore we always incorporate a Proof Of Concept (POC) in our solution proposals


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